Caught and in Court

As part of the 'Justice Seen, Justice Done' campaign we aim to update you on what has happened to offenders who have appeared in court after committing crime in our communities.

Here you will find the details of some of the recent cases.

John O'Brien

Age: 26

Address: Newport/Casnewydd

Conviction: Possess with intent to supply a controlled Class A drugs – Crack Cocaine and acquire / use / possess criminal property / Meddiant gyda’r bwriad o gyflenwi cyffuriau dosbarth A a reolir – Crac Cocen a chaffael / defnyddio / meddu ar eiddo t

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Jason Price

Age: 44

Address: Tredegar, Blaenau Gwent

Conviction: Burglary and theft of a vehicle

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